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Love the birch lip balm - my lips are prone to eczema and this balm has helped tremendously. It doesn't sting my skin like the balms I have used before. I never leave home without it. I use the cocoa mint butter on my hands and nails before bed as they get extremely dry and my nails have stopped cracking. Can't wait to try the blueberry lip balm.


These creams are all natural and my skin drinks it in. I've noticed a dramatic change in my skin and I'm glowing. We don't need the fancy products that come with a slew of chemicals. Back to the raw essentials!


Really happy with the moisturizer and lip balm I received at Christmas. Can't wait to get more! I'm also very glad to be buying Canadian:) My Husband is using the birch deodorant and is happy. He previously had skin irritation, which has now cleared up since using this new product.
Thanks Cocos Nucifera!